Monday, 19 May 2008

Oh and...

...I can now be open about this. I'm not going to be Team Leader (otherwise known in schools over here as 'Head of Year') next year. I chose to hand my Team Leader position over to someone else, as I was offered the position of Head of the English Department. I was going to attempt to be both positions in addition to my regular teaching job, but that would mean I would have basically no personal life next school year. Fortunately, my principal knew of a colleague whom we both believe would do a brilliant job at Team Leader, so I agreed to let the 2nd year of my 2nd term as team leader go to her. (These positions last for 2 years and this past year has been my 3rd as Team Leader, the 1st year of my 2nd term)

I've been busy as hell at work. It's the week before the Isle of Wight trip, 4th grade orientation is this Friday, and I had a curriculum work/retreat day (my first duty as next year's Head of English) today.

This weekend was a pretty good one. Matt took me out for a lovely fancy dinner at The French Table on Friday for my belated-birthday present. I had a rather low-key girl's night out with Linds, Kellie, and Julia on Saturday (dampened a bit by my side pain, unfortunately, but a cute guy blew me a kiss as we were leaving the pub-figures that it would happen as we left). I rode my bike into work to get things done I couldn't do at home on Sunday, and then I had a lovely evening watching cheesy telly (Britain's Got Talent) and drinking a bottle of sparkling wine with Beka.

Ahhh yes, my first full week and weekend in my forties has been quite full. I still have thank-you's to write from the weekend before.

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