Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Offender

That is my new superhero name, not because I smell but because I apparently offend someone frequently with the things I say or do.

If you know me at this point you are probably thinking, 'Huh!!???' Or at least that is what I hope you are thinking. I really hope you are not thinking, 'Yup, that's H. She says nasty things to hurt people all the time.'

So, I'm not going to go into it. It's a work issue and I've been reassured that no, it's no me and that this person has consistently taken things the wrong way etc. and not only with me. Still, I can't help but feel awful about this. I've never had an issue like this in my entire professional life- and that's a pretty long time.

This day was fantastic (NOT)! I had no lunch and no prep due to the things I had to plan. And then after school this person chose to confront me with the molehills blown into mountains in their mind.

Then I fell off my bike on the way home scraped my arm and bruised my knee. So much for the power of 'The Offender'.

As usual my friends were there when I really needed them. Mark and Chad came and moved my broken washing machine to the curb for pick up. Ces and Gillian joined us and all four of them went to the pub and drank with me, and Mark continued on to eat bad fry-up food with me. Apparently, I don't offend them- or I don't offend them too much.

And so now I'm off to bed and am dreading work tomorrow with my big offensive superpowers.

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